The ambition to quality and completeness.


Together with the rigid specifications have given the US. 


Military the universal reputation which uncomparable in the cold weather clothing area. The cooperation between US. Military to govt ontractors have brought jackets gaments manufacturing being made of unique quality and functionality combined with a strong focus on design CoNCORDs running jackets are the proof of original 'jackets produced according to the Mil-Spec.

The combination between the finest materials and the focus on style design and the range of classic and fashionable colors made "CONCORD" jackets become synonymous with the classic american look young and cool CONCORD garment suits for civil fashion and outdoor use, as well as to any climate The Genuine original CОNCORD flight jackets are manufactured with careful attention according to the USAF Mil-spec. with the Military specification materials which made only in USA: outershell Dupont type 6-6 flight nylon, water repellent, Found only in authentic military jackets. lining Original nylon flight lining Interlining 100% polyester by dupont.

Zippers IDEALAKK heavy duty zippers-made in USA